Dr Jodi Cartoon joins the Northern Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service – Ballina

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (NBIRS) on site this month to conduct the first Brain Injury Psychiatry clinic. Clinics will be held here quar­terly for the service.

Dr Cartoon is a Psychiatrist specialising in brain injury. She is employed at Royal North Shore and Westmead Hospital after completing her brain injury psychiatry fellowship in 2019. The fellowship is an Australian first, and was devel­oped to address the very limited resources available to brain injury patients with psychiat­ric and behavioural issues, and the difficulty in coordinating their care with mental health services.

A very significant proportion of patients with severe traumatic brain injury have psychiatric and behavioural problems. Many professionals can be helpful in managing these problems, but there is a specific role for a psychiatrist with ex­perience in treating this population, especially around assessing severe depression, suicidality, psychosis, marked apathy and problems with aggression and inappropriate sexual behaviour.
We are pleased to welcome such a tremendous service to our team.

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Want to know more about psychiatric aspects of brain injury? We have developed an online learning module based on our sold out 2019 Psychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury workshop.

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