Referral Process

(For health care professionals)

How to refer to an iBIPP brain injury psychiatrist

Here, you can find inpatient or outpatient referral processes to obtain psychiatric support for your patient/client with a  severe traumatic brain injury.

Royal Rehab

Inpatient referral

The person with the brain injury:

  • lives within NSW
  • has sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • is medically stable
  • is 16–65 years old or working full-time


Website: Neurological Rehabilitation Services Sydney | Brain Injury Rehab Unit (

Phone: (02) 9808 9222

Fax: (02) 8415-8902

Private Psychiatrists

Click below to access our referral network of private psychiatrists for brain injury patients.

Project Media

Get Involved


Virtual Symposium

Online Learning

Want to know more about psychiatric aspects of brain injury? We have developed an online learning module based on our sold out 2019 Psychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury workshop.

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The Programs

The icare Brain Injury Psychiatry Program (iBIPP) Telepsychiatry Pilot is an icare NSW funded project launching in March 2023 and running until mid-2024. The iBIPP telepsychiatry clinic builds on the success of the 2019-2022 icare Brain Injury Psychiatry Program and welcomes the NSW Ministry of Health and Royal Rehab to the partnership between the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, The University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre, and Northern Sydney Local Health District. It was rolled out in response to the significant demand and ongoing need for psychiatrists experienced in the area of brain injury.