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Monthly Brain Injury Case Series

Are you a health professional working with brain injury patients? Join our friendly and collaborative group of multidisciplinary health professionals working in the field of brain injury for our monthly Brain Injury Case Series.

Each month a complex brain injury case is presented for peer review and discussion. New members are welcome. Held on the last Friday of each month from 1-2pm.

Clinical Brain Injury Referral Network

Want to be part of a brain injury clinical and referral network? We are looking for health professionals who work with brain injury clients and who are interested in joining our network.

You will have the option of joining our list of health professionals for the purposes of brain injury patient referrals and/or, joining our friendly network of health professionals for collaboration and networking.

You are also welcome to join our monthly Brain Injury Case Series.

Private Brain Injury Psychiatrists List

Are you a psychiatrist working with brain injury patients? Register to be added our publicly available Brain Injury Psychiatrist List.

Psychiatry Journal Club

Join us every Tuesday morning for the Psychiatry Journal Club.

Hosted by Dr Ralf Ilchef and the team at Royal North Shore Hospital Psychiatry Department, this weekly meeting discusses interesting journal articles and the odd clinical case.

The weekly presentations cover all areas of psychiatry, not just brain injury.

Open to all interested clinicians.