Programs for People With a Brain Injury

The Social Brain Toolkit



The Social Brain Toolkit is an evidence-based suite of three interventions; convers-ABI-lity, social-ABI-lity and interact-ABI-lity.

These three tools aim to improve communication after acquired brain injury.

The tools can be used individually, or in combination.

Contact the Acquired Brain Injury Communication Lab for more information about this program, or if you are interested in participating as a research volunteer. Further information is also available here.




The Wellbeing Neuro Course

Through Macquarie University e-centre Clinic.

A free online psychological course to help people with neurological conditions, including brain injury, learn to manage:

  • stress, anxiety, frustration and worry
  • low mood, sadness, grief and depression
  • day-to-day mental or cognitive activities
  • day-to-day physical activities


Project Media

Get Involved


Virtual Symposium

Online Learning

Want to know more about psychiatric aspects of brain injury? We have developed an online learning module based on our sold out 2019 Psychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury workshop.

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